Linda Perry

An Artist’s Life on a Tiny Island

Knitting has always been my passion. Hours and hours can go by before the blue skies suddenly transition to a breathtaking sunset. Time to stop and take notice- almost spiritual in nature. My personal challenge is to design wearable art, all hand crafted, set distinctly apart from anything that can be mass produced or made by machinery. In recent years I have paid tribute to my Scottish heritage by creating classic tam o’shanters.  Some designs are traditional, some have a modern graphic flair.  All are a kaleidoscope of color, are warm and practical.

Thank you so much for visiting my little island Shangri-La, and I hope to leave with you, as the song goes, “a peaceful, easy feeling.”

Yours Truly,
Linda Margaret MacGregor Perry

I would like to acknowledge Mary Rowe, the expert on all things “tams”.  I have knitted dozens of her designs, and you may see her influence in some of my tam motifs.   Please enjoy the gallery below and maybe even be inspired to knit a “little work of art” yourself.

Tam O’Shanter Gallery

All Tams by Sheepscot Harbor Yarns