Coopworth 100% wool Single Breed – Indigo


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From the era of the 1950’s, before synthetics, wool was an integral part of the clothing industry. A New Zealand researcher, Ian Coop, developed a new breed of sheep by combining Romneys and Border Leicesters to enhance productivity to meet market demands. The resulting fiber/yarn was lustrous and long, coarse, yet very durable. Please note: even within breeds, the characteristics may be somewhat different due to their upbringing and environment.

Sheepscot Harbor Yarns  – Coopworth:

  • 190-200 yards per skein
  • Worsted/aran weight
  • Size 6-8 needles

4 in stock



  • Dyed from nature’s bounty: indigo, madder, cochineal with a food grade mordant (alum) and a very colorfast and lustrous result
  • Knits up quickly
  • Lofty, springy hand
  • Warm, great thermal properties
  • Strong, durable, hard wearing
  • Due to the long fiber length, less pilling
  • Great crimp giving it elasticity
  • Natural irregularities may include slubs, or an occasional looser twist- a handspun look

Wash: cool water, no agitation, neutral PH soap

$26.00 per skein   limited quantities, no dyelot