Garnet Scarf


Dress up your day with this statement scarf.  This devore velvet and silk sculpted scarf is an elegant wardrobe addition , a one of a kind custom accessory. It has been kettle dyed, a limited edition, with a natural dye-madder root. Every scarf is dipped one at a time in a dye harvested from nature- from farm to fashion finery. The drape creates a visual experience with lights and darks highlighted throughout the textured velvet design. The many style variations make it a most versatile wardrobe item. Wear for that special occasion or jazz up a pair of jeans.

Dimensions- Length: 4.5 Feet, Width: 9 Inches


Size: 9” x 54”   (larger sizes available)

Content: silk and rayon velvet

Hand dyed individually with natural dyes, vegetable and plant dyes. A few examples of nature’s colors come from onion skins, tea leaves, cochineal, berries, and indigo.

The scarves come in a variety of cut devore designs such as leaves, diamonds, and floral motifs.

Styling of the scarves include a variety of configurations, with a few examples shown on the sample sheet.

The hand of the scarves is a luxurious supple and rich texture.

These are one of a kind statement accessories, surely a great wardrobe accent to dress up a pair of jeans or to accompany a fancy outfit.