Single Breed

Breed Specific Yarns, Naturally Dyed

what exactly is a single breed yarn?  Based on my interactions of dealing with local farmers, on local lands, producing local products, I can testify that this special yarn is born from a specific breed of sheep that exemplifies qualities of  that unique particular breed.

It can highlight the best qualities of that sheep, properties such as texture, luster, fiber length, and crimp. The beauty of it is that the yarn reflects, and is a product of, the way the sheep have lived: true to the environment, reflects the “terroir” just like a good wine. And, unlike commercial yarns, the processing is minimal, environmentally friendly, no harsh chemicals, no artificial softeners, less use of water and waste. Even the spinning process is low tech, done by a small “mill” resulting in a hand spun look. One mill I do business with is solar powered- how beautiful is that?

These single breed yarns are not uniform, not refined, but rather impart a very rustic quality. There may be an occasional fleck of straw, an extra slub or two, and certainly no consistent dye lot. This screams “character”: unique, one of a kind, special, custom, quality. I always say if you are going to invest your time and energy knitting an item, make it worth your efforts with a very outstanding yarn.

REAL wool properties, in general:

  • Strong and durable, yet flexible
  • Lofty, breathable and warm (warm even when wet)
  • Absorbent properties to wick away moisture
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Flame retardant

Treat yourself to a real adventure- try true wool! From the land to your hand- real wool needs the TLC of your creative touch.